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Sunday, May 20, 2012

And if you stare at the city,she stares back at you.

I was blundering down the stairs, my vision in a blur, guided by no light but bliss. Wasn’t as resourceful as I tripped down the stairs. Repeatedly. Could have taken the elevator but it’s no fun at least when it’s a journey to climb down and now you have to fight your senses to place the right step. The moon didn’t care to show up that day. He was on a vacation like my sobriety and good sense.

I found myself beside her, by the glare of the streetlights. Every time I hit the streets, it spurred a tale of it’s on. I could look over my shoulder and could see the entire block sleeping with one eye open. All the cars parked on the street. She was silent most of the time, answering me with monologues. She waved at the homeless people sitting on the sidewalk and the hawkers, she was keeping them alive. I could see her being flickering with the beginning and ending of every light source on my way. I could see her scars at various stages of healing.  I walked with her alongside, up a hill, the lights following. At some point probably she must have protested my ramblings but she could see that I was just an idiot who could do no harm and just let me be. We stared at the night sky illuminated by man-made lights.
We saw no cars and decided to jump the signal, not as thrilling in the night, I know but she was laughing by now. Could have even been enjoying the conversation if you could call the spasms of words that I was spurting out periodically. I was enjoying the bout with sleep. I was humming to a tune by ‘the who’. The shapes the trees threw off against light were enchanting. We reached the end of the line or the sidewalk just stopped when the bridge began, either ways, we had to part. She decided that moment to be kinder.

The Morning after was bittersweet. I seemed to have gained nothing and lost something I couldn’t feel the lack thereof. The city, she was through with her part and left me to decipher.


  1. Nice. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say your muse here is Bombay. People just tend to get romantic about the city, including me :)

  2. Hahaha..very nicely written n very clever play of words.. sometimes, I had to re-read some lines and smiled at the clever way you play wityh ur words.. :)

    Like Revacious above, me too think u're talkin bout aamchi Mumbai???

  3. ;) yup aamchi mumbai/bombay it is! I meant it to be singapore but i guess the hawkers and homeless people on the streets gave away. thanks for your comments!
    @ revacious- i agree about loving the city part.
    @R-A-J- glad you re-read. ;)

  4. Well worded nick my bwoy, well worded. Did salman rushdie puke on u or something? ;)

  5. Thank you pakpak. I couldnt get his puke either.
    Mwahawhaw(snobbish upperclass laugh) :-D