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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jaguar Concept


  My Concept tribute to the Jaguar and Borrowing visual elements of the 30's and 40's.  front, back and top. And wide and Long. :P

Yama-A Dark Tribute

Words of death slip past my tongue
Reverence of darkness, a stone.
A priest is that which is not yet derogatory.
Believers are seen, blood of my reflection,
Eons lay ahead of measured suffering.
‘Did I just see a glimpse of light; let me bask in its pure glory.’
Was I a part of that I do not wish to belong?
Help me, enlighten me.
Did I see a ray of hope: let me bask in its pure glory.
Do I not recollect, the day I went wrong?
Save me, forgive me.’

Tearing the sky, I see his shadow.
Hope withers as I sense his darkness.
The horns of his beast are stained in blood and overbearing.
Bleeding the earth and our souls dry with his presence.
Existence and chaos overlap one another.

Bones and flesh merge with water and smoke.
Sensing me in him, his wrath I evoke.
(Blessed be those)
Who seek his inspiration
Silence is death, it emanates from his breath

Yama, the lord of Death has always fascinated me as a child. Usually in television he is portrayed as a fat guy with a big mustache riding a buffalo and laughing while lightning strikes in the background. I could never relate to this cheesy image, as when i heard the stories or read, i imagined him to be something more dark and sinister. Probably as a demon who inflicts retribution rather than just taking lives.This is probably an account of a priest who has sinned, sowing seeds of false beliefs onto naive followers and now waits his judgement.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

12 Cars that our grandpas would have lusted after as a teen.( If only, i was alive during the 30's and 40's, oh wait, no i'm good)

First of all don’t ask me why 12, why not round it up to 15 or 10 or 20. Why don’t you shut your face?Huh? Because this is how it is. Here we go.

1.      1Jaguar XK120(1949)
Usually they save the best for the last but this car is the first one to pop into my head. The Jaguar XK 120, must have gotten your Granpappy’s mojo going and if he was ever lucky to own one (In India, r u kidding me?), all the Ladki's be screaming. I guess. Anyhoo…

I think this is the Sexiest Car on this entire list. True story. To petrosexuals, this is Marilyn Monroe, naked, eating a strawberry.

Apparently, this car was conceived as an accident as just after WW2 Jag had decided to stop making high performance sports cars. But just before the London motor show of 1948, as quoted by the late Sir William Lyons, “it was done more quickly than anything before or since, and I could compare weeks, almost days with Years.” 
Not only did it look great, it packed in a legendary Six-cylinder, twin-cam engine that established the Jaguar Marque as indisputable champions in many races and records.

2.Bristol 400/401
When an Aircraft Company sets out to make a car, it has to be fantastic; the six-cylinders Bristol’s were just that. Also expensive, apparently. Based on Ze German pre-war BMW’s
after the war, the directors decided to embark into Car manufacturing. And as Borat would put it wowowewa.
With high speed handling that was marvelous even in today's standards, this car was unbelievably Aerodynamic.

Can't wait to get to the next ones already. here is a link to the Wiki article on the Company if you are interested http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_Cars

3. BMW 328
     The Car that set the standards for high performance Sports cars in the pre-war era. This car was developed as an Ideal for Hitler's Autobahn's where the German drivers would be able to maintain a cruising speed of 100 kph for long distances. Its development predecessor the 303 was was the first one with the trademark divided front grille. Ze Germans called it 'Nieren' meaning Kidney's, which the shape was thought to resemble. These Germans are hilarious. Lol.(wtf?)

                     The one above is a  BMW 328 Touring spider version. I want to do unspeakable things to it.

4.Porsche 356 Coupe
 Ze Germans are back. For those(including myself for quite sometime) who thought that Porsche styling wasn't much, in your face. This baby based on the VW Beetle, designed by Ferdinand Porsche and Commissioned by the Fuhrer himself was like this extremely voluptuous cute girl who would wrestle you the ground. What i meant to say is that it could dupe you..choke slam..pinned to the ground..... 
For the lack of a good metaphor, it was a beautiful but pretty rugged car.Fullstop.

                                                              habba habba howwwwwlll

5.Mercedes 540K
    If your Grandfather was an extremely Rich, boring old business man(or an Opium Smuggler or from some royal Family), who thought he was better than everybody else, chances are, he owned this Merc. It was one of the Largest Cars of its time. I hate Mercs actually, I think they are Cold, boring (except for their Hyper and super cars) but this one grabs me by the balls and punches me in the face with its Awesomeness.

                                        Hey Merc, Y U NO make Cars like these no more, huh? Y?

6. Saoutchik Hispano-Suiza H6C

 Hey XK, you think that you are the Hottest one in the room? * and the XK goes Green with Envy* 

                                umm.. yeah, I think this is the Sexiest Car on the list.I mean look at it. 

7.Delage D8 Roadster
            Louis Delage, the man who created knew what he was doing by creating one of the most beautiful low slung exotic cars, with their incredibly fast V8's. And look even their Mascot agrees. Bitch is goin crazy.

                                                Voitures fran├žaises sont impressionnants, non?

8. Bugatti Royale (Type 41)

This is it bro, this is as cool as it gets. This is the Shit. And no one says it better than Wiki.
Its so huge, you can Park a Fucking Mini on its Bonnet. 

The Bugatti Type 41, better known as the Royale, was a large luxury car with a 4.3 m (169.3 in) wheelbase and 6.4 m (21 ft) overall length. It weighed approximately 3175 kg (7000 lb) and used a 12.7 L (12763 cc/778 in³) straight-8 engine. For comparison, against the modern Rolls-Royce Phantom, the Royale is about 20% longer, and more than 25% heavier.
Ettore Bugatti planned to build twenty-five of these cars, and sell them to royalty. But even European royalty was not buying such things during the Great Depression, and Bugatti was able to sell only three of the six made. Today a Bugatti Royale is both one of the largest and rarest cars in the world.
( you heard that, even the ROYALTY had to think twice before buying these cars.)

                  Had to go out of the Page. Its, that awesome.Rajnikant has a thousand of these.True story.

Ettore Bugatti:  "So, I hear the Rolls Royce has a Flying spur? This fucking elephant on my bonnet will trample her."    True story.

9.Delahaye Roadster

           Was that a brush stroke? Holy fuck, no its a car. Who can break these standards?

                                    Figoni, a coach builder makes these exotic bodywork. True story.

10.Duesenberg Model J
          Probably the mustangs and shelby's looked upto Model J when they were in their Kindergarten. Oh yeah. its big, bold and powerful. everything I love about american cars.(also hate sometimes.)

Look at those Exhausts! 
                       You mess with me, you mess with my grandpa. And he drives a Duesenberg.Bitch.

11.Cord 810/812 Phaeton

 I wonder what mind blowing awesome cars this company would be churning out were it alive today.The people who were designing this were hipsters actually. For them, the radiator grill and the lights were becoming too mainstream. They decided, fuck it, we shall have tiny slits and the lights can pop out only when they are needed. Little did they know that the technology of those times wouldn't support it. The result was extremely hot looking cars whose engines used to heat up pretty fast and the lights stopped popping out altogether after a while. Lol. Fancy Driving in the dark now eh? Hipsters.Tsk tsk. Nevertheless i would kill to own one of these, so would my grandpa.

                                                     I look more futuristic than your mom.

12. Cord Phantom Corsair
          Like i Said, i can only wonder what cars these people would be churning out had they been alive today. This car looks more  futuristic than the concepts we have today.
I go bat-shit crazy every time looking at this car. It would put some of the bat-mobiles to shame. 
Apparently the Visibility is bad. well boo fucking hoo. Batman has loads of other gadgets to make up for it.

         It came out in 1938.True story.Unless someone in the future figured out how to use the time machine.

That's for now. And if you disagree with me, don't bitch, send me links of which cars you think should be Included in the list on the comments below.The list can grow. Have a nice day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter in my city

Please don’t take the Cold away from my city,
The burns have not healed yet.
And I have just got my winter clothes.
My teeth chatter on the dark streets at 3 a.m.
As I missed my Midnight Train.
And I will not come back again,
Till you give me my winter back.
Some will not let go off the warmth,
Rum will never taste the same again.
Summer is unyielding, cruel, ever gazing,
And the warmth is stifling.
I want the brain freeze,
I will get on my knees, please.
Winter, wipe these tears off,
And freeze them into nothingness.
Why do people believe its fine to be
Under the sun and shun
This beautiful Darkness?
I protest the end of winter,I will not come back again.

Dear all, this is a brief description of a weird night i had during a winter couple of years back, its kind of eerie and bittersweet and i thought i would share it. The other day i was talking to a couple of friends about how the winter is always portrayed with a negative connotation and how wrong i feel it is.

My 3d interpretation of the Sun

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I walked towards the cell where he was ‘kept’ as his voice echoed through the dark corridor. There was no one else on the entire floor.

‘Doctor, you have to help me please.’ His face contorted with pain. His features distorted. Eyes, nose, cheekbones, none of them where they are supposed to be. But tears were constantly pouring out of his offset eyes. He was bleeding where the hairline is supposed to begin. The walls around his cell were stained with dark green grime. The light cast a dim yellow glow on his skin.

‘I have decided to stop living. Please understand me, doctor. I remember the last two. I can still hear her screams in my head. I don’t even recollect the face of the previous one. You knew me before. You must understand the circumstances in which I was created. There is no going back doctor.’ the monster pleaded. Tears welled up his eyes and he stared down at the floor. His hands gripping the bars of the cage. I noticed the marks the chains had left on his arms. Unhealthy maroon.

I felt something deeper than pity for him. I understood him. I stood facing him as he wept his heart out. I had images of a healthy version of him in my head but bleak. ‘Be patient, they haven’t verified anything.’ I said without believing in what I was saying.

He then faced me and smiled without halting the tears.

‘I knew I have to die more than somebody else. I fucked up. Could you please help me out?’ the monster said with conviction.

I shifted uncomfortably and stared at it for a while and then reluctantly slipped my hands into my pockets and felt the cold metal of the keys.

‘Doc’ he said and I looked up. ‘Truth is refreshing isn’t it?’

I nodded my head and proceeded to open the cage.

I was staring at him as he opened the cage door reflecting on what I had just said. The doctor then went on to usher me out of the cage and unlocked the irons around my arms.

‘Are you sure you want to do that, doc?’ I said unsurely.

‘YOU know that you are monster, which makes you a safe bet. I guess.’ he said.’ Now follow me.’

And I followed the doctor, walking behind him, towering above him but following him like a child.

The walls on the corridors threw contorted shadows although there were no windows nearby. Distance was eating up my cell and I stared back but once till it was gone. As time went by still walking, I forgot about the walls. I closed my eyes and saw her as I sawed her head in frenzy. The first cut about two inches above her right ear. My blade going back and forth, back and forth; moving through blood, tissue and bones. She was facing me but I couldn’t really hear her scream although her mouth suggested that. That vision blurred as I came back from my trance-like state and saw the doctor walking in front of me.

‘Do you believe in rebirth, doc?’ I asked him.

‘No’ he replied without stopping or turning back.

I’d probably have to re-live all the lives that I had taken. I disagreed with him. I was wronged beyond justice. I choked on the bile that came up to my throat thinking of the past as hurt raised its filthy head. This emotive state bodily affected my bearing. Where do I go from here? I asked myself. Could scum attain salvation? Could we become particles of light just like others? And I was interrupted on my muse when the doctor slowed down.

He led me through the red curtains and a vast aerodrome hangar-like space showed up before us.

‘Stay right behind me’ said the doc. ‘we are nearly there.’ We walked straight ahead, the ceiling miles away. This place could fit like a hundred A380’s, I thought to myself looking at space disappearing into darkness. I could see the night sky through the windows at the distance.

I couldn’t see if the doctor had a light nor could I see any switches nearby, but there was light wherever we were heading. And to my left, suddenly a gargantuan shape was moving on the floor. I was too dead to any amazement but the doctor stopped and turned and faced it. It opened its mouth.

‘It’s a Whale’ we both said together. ‘A baby’ said the doctor.

‘But what’s it doing on the floor? Aren’t they supposed to die on land?’ I said as I stared at the thing beating its tail feebly with a puddle of water around it. It started to make some sounds when the doctor threw some sort of a murky starfish at it. The whale caught whatever the doctor fed it and was quiet.

‘C’mon’ the doctor said as he started walking again answering me with silence. As we walked ahead, we passed by two massive troughs filled with water. Two whale-tanks, I concluded. Briefly we heard the sound of churning water as we passed by those troughs otherwise silence; not even the sound of our own footsteps or breathing. Then it dawned on me.

‘You are going to feed me to one of these whales aren’t you?’ I blurted out.

‘Yeah’ the doctor said without a hint of any emotion. ‘You wanted to end it didn’t you?’

I felt a certain warmth dawn on me. It was right in front of me. I didn’t get it all this while. My head started hurting. ‘Okay, lets go’ I said.

Then we reached a flight of stairs leading to what looked like a platform. I had images in my head of the whales tongue. Someone had told me they are like sand paper, seemed like a lifetime had passed before I could process anything.

We were greeted by two more tanks with whales in them on either side as we had ascended onto the platform and started walking left. As we walked on the platform still further, two more whales showed up on the right, lying around a puddle of water just like the first one but much larger and more menacing. We stopped in front of them.

‘Who are these? Mom and Pop whales?’ I called out to the doctor as he laughed. He nodded his head and finally faced me.

‘The Second one’ he said and the smile shrunk off his face.

‘I hope it digests me really quick, I don’t want to stick around too long on the inside, you see’.

For some reason I couldn’t stop smiling even though every inch of my me understood that this is how it’s going to end. There was no protest from inside, I was eerily at peace.

‘I do have some sleeping pills you could take before you get swallowed. But I would have to fetch those on the other side of the curtain.’ the doctor said.

‘I can’t wait for long doc, can you make it quick?’

‘Yeah, it’ll be better once you are asleep’.

So we both descended the stairs hurriedly and ran back towards the curtain. A sense of elation filled me as I ran beside the doc. Finally we reached the Curtain.

I looked at the monster panting for breath. He had finally dried his tears. There was some serenity in his ugliness this time.

‘Don’t delay doc, I can’t wait, since we are this close. ‘The monster exclaimed at me as I prepared to go through the curtains.

I would do my best to comply this last wish. I nodded and looked back but once at the monster as he disappeared behind the curtain waiting for me.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The pheonix hope

What really is hope?
Is it Circumstantial and if it is, is it really called hope when u know definitely know that you are going to succeed/lose or just Surrender. Not drop your hands in Despair and self pity surrender but do your best and let it go surrender.Hope is a comforting thought, i feel when you think that you fucked up. Does Hope always have to come Post a crisis or does it have to be Cultivated and ingrained into who you are?
When we do not get what we want, it makes us who we are. Crisis hits us when we feel that things did not proceed according to what we want. and if we really had hope before we felt the crisis, there would be no time spent in the past, will there? and dosent that make us truly do what we were intended to do in the first Place and be in the present.
I think a true success is how a person reacts to a certain event than what he achieves as an end result.It really is Something to rise above success and failure and do your thing and not let them affect what you are doing and what you want to do, and i am sure it can be interpreted to every Single scenario and every single person.
And this is what makes us human, in the world we have today, with people driven by statistics,predictability and insecurity than leaping, falling, getting hurt, brushing yourself and get going again.
Hope is like a drug, the lack thereof a person fallen so hard can never get up again. hope is a cup of hot chocolate, a song that you'd like to hear,that chick you still haven't asked out yet ;) ,Hope you reach the bar before happy hours, and most of all hope is a choice for the better.

“The phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.”

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I think you should go the fuck to sleep.

Sleep eludes me like a bad dream. I try not to sound poetic but its like a stream.

Please do not judge me, and I don’t know why, but lack of sleep makes me high.

It catapults this state till morning come, swings back and forth like a pendulum.

In suspended animation, I stare the screen, and it stares back at me, this machine.

I type with emptiness and I don’t really know, what’s going on above and below.

Somewhere screams my conscience to sleep, in a couple of hours the alarms will beep.

Till tomorrow comes knocking at my door, how do I live through today..,snore.

Good morning people, all those who are still awake at this ungodly hour. this is a tribute to you all. also, go to sleep and save blogging for later...