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Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter in my city

Please don’t take the Cold away from my city,
The burns have not healed yet.
And I have just got my winter clothes.
My teeth chatter on the dark streets at 3 a.m.
As I missed my Midnight Train.
And I will not come back again,
Till you give me my winter back.
Some will not let go off the warmth,
Rum will never taste the same again.
Summer is unyielding, cruel, ever gazing,
And the warmth is stifling.
I want the brain freeze,
I will get on my knees, please.
Winter, wipe these tears off,
And freeze them into nothingness.
Why do people believe its fine to be
Under the sun and shun
This beautiful Darkness?
I protest the end of winter,I will not come back again.

Dear all, this is a brief description of a weird night i had during a winter couple of years back, its kind of eerie and bittersweet and i thought i would share it. The other day i was talking to a couple of friends about how the winter is always portrayed with a negative connotation and how wrong i feel it is.


  1. shit dude...this was awesome

    really loved it

  2. Thanks amigo ! i am writing your guest para eventhough you didnt mention me.>:( :P lol will try and get it done by tonite