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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yama-A Dark Tribute

Words of death slip past my tongue
Reverence of darkness, a stone.
A priest is that which is not yet derogatory.
Believers are seen, blood of my reflection,
Eons lay ahead of measured suffering.
‘Did I just see a glimpse of light; let me bask in its pure glory.’
Was I a part of that I do not wish to belong?
Help me, enlighten me.
Did I see a ray of hope: let me bask in its pure glory.
Do I not recollect, the day I went wrong?
Save me, forgive me.’

Tearing the sky, I see his shadow.
Hope withers as I sense his darkness.
The horns of his beast are stained in blood and overbearing.
Bleeding the earth and our souls dry with his presence.
Existence and chaos overlap one another.

Bones and flesh merge with water and smoke.
Sensing me in him, his wrath I evoke.
(Blessed be those)
Who seek his inspiration
Silence is death, it emanates from his breath

Yama, the lord of Death has always fascinated me as a child. Usually in television he is portrayed as a fat guy with a big mustache riding a buffalo and laughing while lightning strikes in the background. I could never relate to this cheesy image, as when i heard the stories or read, i imagined him to be something more dark and sinister. Probably as a demon who inflicts retribution rather than just taking lives.This is probably an account of a priest who has sinned, sowing seeds of false beliefs onto naive followers and now waits his judgement.

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